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A programmer with a strong background in IT; has a vast knowledge of many aspects of computer hardware and software. Self taught, highly motivated, and driven to accomplish any task set forth upon efficiently and effectively.  Has managed many IT-related and several software projects. Worked with several types of businesses to meet their technological needs. Enjoys problem solving, troubleshooting, solution creation, and design.

I have:

  • Over 15 years overall experience in computer problem solving
  • Over 9 years professional experience in system administration.
  • Over 7 years professional experience in network administration.
  • Over 5 years professional experience in software/system development and design.
  • Over 5 years FAA experience

Technologically, I can work on just about anything.  I enjoy and prefer to work on (or from) a UNIX or Linux based system, but this is merely a preference.


Richard Stockton College of NJ, 2005-2007, Bachelor of Science, Cumulative GPA: 3.30

 Major: Computer Science & Information Systems (CS Track)

 Minor: Mathematics

Atlantic Cape Community College, 2002-2005, Associates in Science, Cumulative GPA: 3.75

Major: Computer Information Systems


Systems Analysis & Design, Software Security Engineering, 4 semesters of Calculus, 2 semesters of Physics


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

INCOSE (Currently training for)

Programming Languages & Tools:

Major:  C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Protocol Buffers, bash, sh, awk, sed, php, html, css

Minor: Java, SQL, C#

Tools: cvs, git, vim, Eclipse, Redmine, Hudson, gdb, ddd, valgrind, ODSToolbox

Operating Systems:

DOS, Windows 3.1 – 7, FreeBSD, Linux, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Unix, Mac OS X, Cisco IOS

System/Network Support:

PCs, switches, routers, video configuration, soundcard mixers, Cisco Routers, DHCP, DNS, NFS, SAMBA/CIFS,  Active Directory, Exchange Server, Google Apps, Group Policy, Virtual Server, VirtualBox, VMware, FreeBSD Jails, RAID, ZFS, Data Recovery

Air Traffic Control Systems and Concepts:

DESIREE a distributed Air Traffic Control Modeling and Simulation application

Enroute, ERAM, EES, STARS, DataComm, FTWS, AirWolf, Mitre’s JEDI, TGF’s ECO

Professional Experience:

Software Engineer, March 2013-Present: Harris Corporation

  • Support the software integration, configuration, test and middleware administration of the DEX NEMS systems at the William J. Hughes Technical Center.

Computer Scientist, August 2008-March 2013: Engility Corporation

  • Support the contract to the Research Development and Human Factors Laboratory @FAA
  • Worked on the Distributed Environment for Simulation, Rapid Engineering and Experimentation Architecture (DESIREE) system that supports integration with 3rd party software and models the software environment of legacy and NextGen Air Traffic Control technologies integration such as Enroute, Tracon, DSR, ERAM, STARS, FTWS, AirWolf, and DataComm, to name a few.  The system is a distributed process, real-time air traffic control simulator.
  • Developed for and gave support to over 10 simulation experiments and rapid prototyping demos using DESIREE modelling and simulation software.
  • Developed software for gui interfaces, back-end improvements, and system improvements.
  • Integrated new hardware interfaces that were used for recording and data analyis
  • Completed or led some system administration improvements for the system and development group.
  • Always looked for ways to increase productivity, for example introduced distcc and ccache which reduced full compile time from 50 min to 10 min; encouraged group to use instant messaging; co-developed a backup strategy that gave 4 instances of recovery per day.
  • Contributed to the documentation of system and software requirements and dependencies
  • Gave talk on Git revision control system after transition.

Computer Consultant/Owner, 2005-Present:  bComputing

  • Act as a liaison between customer and technology, recommending and implementing solutions that met customer needs.
  • Act as a system, network, and web designer and administrator on a small to medium level businesses.
  • Subcontracting, deploying hardware for other companies’ customers.
  • Click here for examples of work completed.

IT and Computer Consultant, 2002-2005, self

  • Privately did consulting work in consumer/business IT environment which led to business.
  • Resolved computer issues, installed computers, printers, hard drives, CD-ROMS, etc.
  • Configured home and small office networks, installed network applications, built computers.